Double Glazing Sash Windows that preserves original beauty

We use Accoya to ensure your new energy-efficient double glazed sash windows last a lifetime, and look wonderful too.

Sash Window Double Glazing

At ScotfordSash we believe in retaining the beauty of your property’s period features, one of these being your traditional sash windows.

So long as your home isn’t listed, double glazed sashes fitted within the original box frame is a real option for you while still keeping the traditional charm of your windows.

Our made to measure Accoya sashes are manufactured to replicate your original single glazed windows. When fitted along with the brush pile system provides an excellent alternative to total window replacement.

A Perfect Solution

Why fit cumbersome secondary glazing or inferior timber into your beautiful windows when we have the perfect solution to provide all the comforts of modern living along with the beauty and benefits of traditional sash windows.

See our gallery below for examples of our work.

double glazing before


Double glazing after - original frame match acoya interior


Double glazing after - original frame match acoya


restored window with double glazed casement lights and ironmongery
Acoya double glazed sash windows
Double Glazed Sash
Double Glazed sash
Secondary glazing
double glazing with dual colour match windows interior
double glazing with dual colour match windows
Double glazing with new sils - Acoya
Double Glazing Sash Windows
Before double glazing
Secondary glazing

Accoya Double Glazed Sashes

We only use Accoya at ScotfordSash due to its outstanding performance which makes it a long-lasting solution with a 50-year guarantee against rot and decay. Accoya is a sustainably sourced timber and doesn’t swell and contract like other timbers in different seasons, perfect for sash windows!

We glaze our sashes using 14mm toughened double glazed units and either come primed and undercoated or fully decorated using Teknos paint systems.

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